Lifestyle Management

You say I DO…and I DO the REST”. The environment that you live in is a direct reflection on your inner space, and equally your outer environment is a catalyst for change in the way that you feel. lifestyleImgEvery object and item in your home, like every living thing, has energy or vibration. The law of physics suggests that a cluttered space has many energy blockages. As humans, those environmental blockages communicate with our bodies and minds, causing us to become blocked, too. Pairing items that don’t work together energetically or in harmony is like a ‘bad marriage’ in your furniture arrangement. Certain items just like people will never be happy together. By moving these items, and placing them with the “right” partner, energy is restored and a “happy marriage” occurs in your outer space. Our team will provide an in depth assessment of your home or office, furnishings, accessories, color palate, etc, and utilize the items you already own, changing their locations throughout, and pairing them to restore flow and harmony. Making subtle changes to your outer environment directly impacts and inspires you to improvement in all that you do from your health, well being, intimacy, happiness, and inevitably reduces the effects of stress. Mina and the team are specialized in interior design and staging utilizing the art of intuitive placement and harmonizing of objects (Zen-Styling). We will bring a whole new level of energy to your space to restore, rejuvenate, and repair everything that is out of balance, including organizing and thorough house cleaning; in turn, stimulating more love, creativity, and contentment, bringing new opportunities and possibilities, into your life. In 48-hours we turn your house into the model home that provides you the elegance, cozy sense of belonging, organized, relaxing, and comfortable, harmonized space for your ideal life. In 2-days we turn your office into the model work environment that invites employees to feel successful, energized, committed, and thrilled with their work and space while clients feel safe, trusting, relaxed, and inspired about the results you can now deliver. *We offer home assessment, Zen-Styling (higher energetic impact than Feng Shui), and interior design for organization and user-friendly environments that look as good as they make you feel.